Adventure Day: Archery


Hello Skadettes, welcome to the very first Adventure Day post! Several weeks ago, in the bowels of the morning, Tara, Dave, and I unleashed the warriors within us and took on archery. Tara, the barista of the group, prepared a satisfying amount of coffee to take with us on the day’s adventure.

archery5 archery4archery6

It was so much fun and all of us really made progress with our archery skills! I wore my vintage horse riding button up because I felt that if I wore something with horses on it then it might naturally make my archery skills better. I also found a feather in my purse on the drive there so Tara wore that in her hair. Dave has Legolas heritage in his blood so he didn’t need any physical help to hone his skills.

archery2 archery7 archery8

Then Tara made a tiny bouquet of wild flowers. How lovely. If you would like to try archery for yourself, lessons are available in the Strongsville Metro Parks every Saturday for only $5!

Have a fun-filled and whimsical day, young ones…

Dream on.



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