How To Make A Flower Crown Like The Old Days

Back in the day when young women felt an overwhelming sensation to wear flowers around their pretty heads, they did not have the option of purchasing synthetic objects such as plastic flowers and glue that turns hot. A popular pleasure during this summer season for many young souls is to have quaint picnics, be out in the nice weather, and unleash the flower girl within. “A crown of flowers would feel just right on top of my silky hairs!” says the eager Skadette. Today I will be showing you how to make a real flower crown for when these moments arise and you do not have the option of hot glue and flowers that will never die.


1. Whether you are in a grassy field full of flowers, in the wilderness and found a patch of wild flowers, or sitting in your backyard staring at your garden, be sure to pick flowers for the crown that have long and sturdy, yet flexible stems.


2. Start with two flowers and spoon their stems together–this will form the foundation of the crown.


3. Pick skinny little stems from a nearby leafy plant to use as string. Knot the skinny stems around the flower stems so they become securely bound together.


4. Continue to connect the flower stems together with the skinny stems until you create a full circle. Be sure to tie flower head to flower stem as much as possible so the crown is evenly spread with flowers.

Now you have yourself a real life flower crown to accompany your pretty head for all outdoor activities. This crown will also accessorize your outfit quite beautifully! Go now on your merry way, enjoying the end-of-summer weather!

Dream on.



4 thoughts on “How To Make A Flower Crown Like The Old Days

  1. Hi Courtney! My name is Rachel. I was just admiring your blog…I was wondering how you got that cool font for the title? I know you can buy the program that lets you pick a font, but I didn’t see that one as an option!

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