Adventure Day: Outdoor Movie Night (+ Kickstarter Update)

movie night

Last week Edgewater hosted an outdoor movie night at Battery Park featuring a documentary about Johnny Kilbane who was a world championship wrestler from Cleveland in 1912. It was fun seeing clips of Cleveland from so long ago! Tara and I went with our fantastic friends Ryan & Rachel. We grabbed beverages from Moon’s Food Store which I learned is a great little convenient store owned by a young man named Moon. Sweet Moses and Honeyhut donated pretzels, popcorn, and ice cream for the event and upon arriving there was the cutest 3-man scottish band jamming as they led us into the night. (Funny little side note: I remember thinking the root beer I drank just wasn’t the tastiest I know it could have been. The next day I noticed from the picture that my root beer was diet! I knew something was up!)

What a fun little adventure we had! Whenever I get to an opportunity to spend more time with Rachel & Ryan, my heart sings!

U P D A T E :

Last week we created a kickstarter to help fund 23 Skidoo’s debut. Our goal was to raise $2,500 in 10 days. We now have 1 day left and we are past our goal!! We are so thankful for your many generous donations. 23 Skidoo won the  Economic & Community Development Institute’s Business Plan Competition last month.  Due to the win, we are now receiving free personal business classes, business mentoring, free office space, and a loan. 23 Skidoo’s overall budget is $6,000 and what we raised through kickstarter is a magnificent help! The reason we set our kickstarter goal at $2,500 and not $6,000 is because if one does not reach her goal within the given time (10 days) then one doesn’t get any of the money, so we had to set it at a price we knew was do-able. We are SO happy we reached that goal! Now if we get $3,000 more dollars then we won’t even have to tap into the loan from the competition. I love seeing people passionately giving to 23 Skidoo’s fund. Please share the kickstarter page and share the word with anyone you know who would be passionate about 23 Skidoo’s mission (click HERE to get to the kickstarter page)! Thank you my friends and family, you have been so supportive. I am beyond grateful. Let’s have a fun weekend!



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