We are now LAUNCHED!

Hello my beloved Skadettes!!

Today is THE day!!! If you are in the Cleveland area, come on down to Ingenuity Festival and visit us in our 23 Skidoo retail space! We are located in the “Artist Village”, you will spot us easily! Last weekend Andrew and Mallory came into town to work with 23 Skidoo. Andrew is a world traveling architect and Mallory is an A-list production manager, both dear friends of mine. All week we have worked on building an installation piece specifically for this debuting event to act as a retail space in which to sell the fall collection. We have a changing room and treats and all sorts of fun surprises!  The Ingenuity Festival is located north of the Cleveland Browns Stadium in two large warehouse buildings on the docs of beautiful Lake Erie. Today the schedule is noon-1am and Sunday noon-6pm. 23 Skidoo will be active the entire weekend so come on down and visit us anytime!

Click HERE if you would like to see directions.

We can’t wait to see all of your pretty little faces!



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