23 Skidoo at Ingenuity Festival

Mee-oh-my, last weekend feels like yesterday! A week ago the 23 Skidoo team was finishing up the debut at Cleveland’s Ingenuity Festival. It was an absolutely crazy time! All week Andrew, Mallory, and I were working non stop on preparing for the launch. The entire weekend was such a blast! We met so many great Clevelanders and many tourists as well! There was many entertaining bands and performances and great interactive art as well. And best of all–so many new Skadettes!!!! We loved meeting each lovely lady that came into the teepee (a quite a few gentlemen as well!).

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was watching so many women have so much fun playing dress up in 23 Skidoo! There were 12 year olds, 20 year olds, and 57 year old women all having a ball being a Skadette! At one point I was wandering to another area of the festival and I overheard a young lady passionately saying, “Dad–they’re pretty adventure clothes! I have to get it!” I love that she totally understood the “adventure” aspect to 23 Skidoo! A couple of guys came walking into the teepee one day and said “I don’t understand, these don’t look like adventure clothes”, but I explained to them that the 23 Skidoo woman makes even the simplest tasks an adventure and she enjoys outwardly expressing her true beauty in that way. Plus, who says you can’t go hiking in a pretty little dress anyway? So overall, it was an extremely successful weekend! Full of fun, old friends, new friends, yummy foods, great community, great music, and inspiration! Our online store will be open within the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for that! In the meantime, enjoy these photos we took during the process of the teepee building!

23 skidoo teepee 1 23 skidoo teepee 2 23 skidoo teepee at ingenuity fest 3 23 skidoo teepee ingenuity festival 6 23 skidoo teepee 5 23 skidoo teepee 4 23 skidoo teepee ingenuity festival 7 23 skidoo teepee ingenuity festival 8 23 skidoo teepee ingenuity festival 9

Thanks for a magical weekend, friends!



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