The Adventure Book

Hello Lovelies!

Before we get started on what the Adventure Book is, you must be made privy to something that is most likely missing in your life. Unfortunately, this missing piece of your heart can only be replaced if you live in the Cleveland area, or plan to visit Cleveland in the near future. This thing that I speak of is called Guide to Kulchur. It is a bookstore located in Gordon Square, but is far more than a quaint little book store. Yes there is a great selection of books to peruse, but there is also an impressive collection of zine magazines, a beautiful assortment of typewriters, and a recently opened co-op space below. The basement provides an environment conducive for performances, lectures, classes, zine-making, and community-building. This place is literally the guide to culture. I am so thrilled about its existence!!

adventure book

Guide to Kulchur is where I found my Adventure Book. It is a necklace with 6 mini canvases to don on your neck as you go on adventures. The Adventure Book can act as a passport on which you leave phrases, doodles and mementos of the places you go. Oh, the places you’ll go!  I keep this little book in my car at all times so I will always be prepared, like a good Skadette. Below is one canvas that I completed!

DSC_0126 DSC_0128


I am not sure if Guide to Kulchur has anymore of these little guys, but nevertheless, your little souls deserve to experience this place.

Go team!



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