The Skadette Life: Double The Fun

Twin Skadettes Double The Fun

Fiddle-tee-dee! Two blonde twins really does make double the fun! These cuties are young, creative, bright, beautiful women who live the Skadette life. They are free-spirited, loving and so artistically talented! They have a keen eye for a fun, minimalistic style, so I got very excited at the thought of how they might style 23 Skidoo with their personal wardrobe.

They styled three simple outfits in their favorite 23 Skidoo dresses…

DSC_0182 23 Skidoo Skadettes Dressy DSC_0232 23 Skidoo Skadette's Dressy Casual


23 Skidoo Skadette's Outerwear

How fun are they?! They make me wish I had a twin!

Calling all Skadettes!  An invitation: If you are the owner of a 23 Skidoo dress, be sure to use #23skidooclothes so we can see how you style 23 Skidoo!



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