Embroider Your Own Jacket (Skadette Style)

Embroidered Skadette JacketSweet and magical Skadettes… today is the day you can publicly wear with pride the truth you already embrace in your hearts–Skadette Pride! Isn’t that grand?! I have never done embroidery before, so this was a fun & crafty adventure! Aren’t those the best kinds?

Red Embroidery Thread

I never thought that embroidery would be so easy! Of course, I did the world’s simplest style of embroidery, but it was fun and therapeutic! I used a thick red embroidery thread… the kind 9 year old girls use to make bracelets for their besties. Be sure to used a sharp needle with a large hole for the thread. (Normal-sized needles will not be strong enough or have a big enough hole for the thread.)

Before you begin embroidering, use either a pencil or fabric chalk to sketch your font on the back of the jacket.

Skadette Embroidery

Embroidered Skadette Jacket

Skadette Courtney

Let’s get Skadettes to be known all around town! ‘Tis the season…



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