Shop For 23 Skidoo This Weekend at The Cleveland Flea!

Cleveland Flea
My Dearest Skadettes!

Can you spot the 23 Skidoo dresses showcased above? So much goodness is happening this weekend! 23 Skidoo will be at The Cleveland Flea! For sale will be Dede’s Record Dress, Stella’s Date Dress, Lucy’s Dance Dress, and finally–Suzy’s Zig Zag Dress, for the very first time ever!! It is a weekend to not be missed!

When and where is this “Cleveland Flea”, you ask? It is at 6417 St. Clair Avenue near E. 55th Street, this Saturday & Sunday (November 23 & 24), from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

But wait… there’s MORE!! If you would like to be a part of the sneak preview cocktail event and consider yourself a VIP, then listen up. On Friday (November 22) there will be an exclusive shopping event with free beverages and oh so much fun! It will basically be an amazing lil’ party. You can purchase your tickets for it right HERE.

Now, what else is at this “Cleveland Flea”, you ask? SO many amazing things!! The Flea is 2 levels: the bottom level is full of delicious food vendors, cafeteria style. There will be hot food, drinks, and special foods, such as my friend Saidah’s fresh gourmet marshmallows (what?!… yep). Upstairs is where the shopping is available–vintage, furniture, art, home, holiday decoration, handmade goodness… 23 Skidoo will be in a fabulous area along with other clothing vendors, so be prepared to play lots of dress-up! The 23 Skidoo space will have a lovely dressing room (in 23 Skidoo style, of course!)

I hope to see some familiar Skadette faces this weekend, because the event is bound to be a blast!! The Cleveland Flea has become one of the very best showcases of artists in Cleveland. We can’t wait!



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