Make a Party Crown!

Party Crown!

Party crowns are the funnest!! I recently adopted a lifestyle choice for all to enjoy: when a gathering of people occurs in my home, I invite them to a tray of headwear to try on whatever they see fit. People are free to become an enhanced version of themselves or a new character, if they feel so inspired. With Christmas and New Years Eve and the general holiday season upon us, I decided to create a more magical/festive piece to add to my collection (which currently consists of a sailor hat, masquerade mask, headdress, cocktail hat, Napoleon Dynamite glasses, and dinosaur hat). I am very much pro-being-yourself and the person you were created to be, but once in a while it is fun to be an imaginary character. Y’all hearin’ me?

Party Crown

I made this party crown out of pipe cleaners wrapped in pretty fabric! So easy and pretty! Don’t you just love creating prettiness? Here’s to the Holidays…



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