A Year In Review : The Birth of 23 Skidoo

23 Skidoo Clothes

2013… A year I will never forget! A fond memory from this year of dreams was strutting through Hollywood with my “models” performing the very first 23 Skidoo fashion prank, while I finished fashion school in L.A… I cannot WAIT for the fashion pranks in the future! You can read the full story right HERE and watch the video below that captured some of the fun…

I planned 23 Skidoo’s debut collection during my entire last year of fashion school. Below are some of my concepts you might recognize…

23 Skidoo

I graduated with my degree and moved back to Cleveland to immediately begin 23 Skidoo! Below was the very first package I received in the mail for the business!

23 Skidoo Package

Before I had a studio space I was working on my patterns and sewing the garments, all in my parents’ dining room…

23 Skidoo Pattern Making 23 Skidoo Courtney Sewing

One of the most fun happenings of birthing 23 Skidoo was filming the lookbook video!! Here’s Suzy posing while I played make-up artist, director, producer, taxi driver, food service tech and over-all inspirer for the day…

23 Skidoo Courtney Doing Suzy's Makeup

We filmed part of the lookbook in my friends’ apartment. My brother-in-law John is such a great videoagrapher!

23 Skidoo John Filming

We filmed the dancing scene many times from all angles… it was so fun!

23 Skidoo John Filming Suzy

Tara was my assistant for the day and Ryan helped by allowing us to invade his home.

23 Skidoo Lookbook Behind The Scenes

Watch the complete lookbook video below!!

My photographer, Mary, is such a champ! She was pregnant during the shoot, but that didn’t hinder her a bit! And ya know, Suzy is beautiful as usual.

23 Skidoo Mary Photographing Suzy

My friends, Ryan & Rachel, have an open store space below their apartment that they let us use to do the shoot. I have such kind friends!!!

23 Skidoo Suzy Dancing 23 Skidoo Photoshoot Behind The Scenes

I think Suzy felt a sneeze coming on…Ha! And there’s Barbara!

23 Skidoo Suzy Sneezing

All of this and more led to the debut of 23 Skidoo! My two good friends Mallory and Andrew flew into town from L.A. to be a part of the 23 Skidoo debut team! Andrew was a big help during the design stage and construction of the tee pee…

23 Skidoo Andrew Building Tee Pee

We first built the tee pee in my back yard, then tore it down and rebuilt it down at the docks for Ingenuity Festival.

23 Skidoo Mallory & Andrew Building Tee Pee

And we were ready for Cleveland! …Ingenuity was such a crazy weekend. It was amazing to meet so many newborn Skadettes!…

23 Skidoo At Ingenuity Festival

After Ingenuity, 23 Skidoo had an even more successful show at The Cleveland Flea with a MINI tee pee dressing room!

23 Skidoo at The Cleveland Flea 23 Skidoo Suzy's Zig Zag Dress Debut At The Cleveland Flea

Between these two big events, 23 Skidoo won a business plan competition through ECDI.  The prize included free private business classes, a Net Impact group from Case Western for weekly advice in marketing and financing, an official 23 Skidoo office space in downtown Cleveland, and a whole lot of learning to make this little start-up explode!!! What a year! I can’t imagine living my life any other way. I am so thankful for 2013. Here’s to an even better 2014!



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