How To: Characterize A Woven Purse

DSC_0673 Character Woven Purse Eyelashes 23 Skidoo Blog Character Purse Restyle

Lalalalaaaa! I have been on a design kick this past week… How lovely!

I purchased this purse from an amazing vintage seller, Jackie, who was stationed next to 23 Skidoo during the Holiday Cleveland Flea. (She had so many wonderful things in her space, that I made 5 separate purchases from her because I kept seeing a new must-have every time I peeked over!–Ha!) I love this purse because it reminds me of a sunny summer day, living the dream in Cleveland, roaming around or having a picnic…Which is what I like to day dream about. But I kept itching to sass it up a bit…

You can do this project with any type of durable fabric. It’s so easy–all you have to do is cut out the shapes and glue them to the purse with hot glue or super glue. I liked this purse before, but now I love it!!



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