How To: Convert a Turtle Neck Sweater

Hello my joyous Skadettes,

Today I woke up, opened my closet, and beheld in a glorious light, my dollar section tiara sitting there, staring me in the face. I placed it on my head, slowly, and knew today might be one of those days for big dreaming. BIG dreams, y’all. Later in the morn, I grabbed an ugly turtle neck sweater, threw it over my head, and the adventure began… Goodbye ugly turtle neck sweater, hello awesomeness.

23 Skidoo Turtle Neck Restyle 23 Skidoo Turtle Neck Patch Pocket 23 Skidoo Patch Pocket Project Restyle DSC_1083

Cut off neck. Cut patch pocket shapes. Pin to sweater. Hand stitch edges. Done!

I’ll be wearing this a lot more. It feels good to create. Live life wonderfully today, my dears!



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