Skadet[te] Gear Coming!

23 Skidoo T-Shirt DSC_0612 DSC_061723 Skidoo Tee Shirt

It’s almost here!!! Skadet[te] gear is coming THIS SATURDAY on the first of March!!

The best part is that there will be t-shirts for both Skadettes AND Skadets! Many men have asked me about designing menswear in 23 Skidoo and I am happy to finally start fulfilling that desire for them. So ‘thanks!’ to you men who have showed so much love and interest! I wanted the Skadette shirts to be very special and “Skadette-like”, so I decided to hand-paint faux collars on each shirt. It took me a while but the project is complete! Beginning March 1st, there will also be other fun Skadette gear for sale in the shop including: original fashion illustrations of the 2013 fall collection, as well as super fun original postcards (sets of 4), and little somethings called “Party Crownz”. You will hear more about these lovely things later on, but get ready for the March 1st Skadette gear launch!!

Do something new today, Skadettes. This fine Tuesday deserves it.



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