New Skadette Gear In Shop Now!

Skadette Gear

23 Skidoo Skadette Postcards Original 12x12 23 Skidoo Fashion IllustrationHello Skadettes,

It is my honor to officially welcome Skadets to 23 Skidoo! There’s been talk and chit-chat, but Skadet Gear is finally here in the shop, so all men can tangibly show their pride for the very first time! Of course there is also brand new gear for the ladies as well– just so much goodness happening today! So, what does all of this mean? This means that today in 23 Skidoo’s online shop there are men’s t-shirts, women’s t-shirts, original 12″x12″ fashion illustrations of the fall collection, original 23 Skidoo post cards (set of 4), AND guess what?!?–There is a huge sale on all dresses in the shop (10%-40% off)!! You can shop for all of this right HERE!

I recently heard a quote: “If you can live your life magically, then why not?” Let’s live blissfully this weekend in our Anywhere Adventure Wear!



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