Make A Mini Gallery Wall

Mini Gallery

Well, well, well…here we are again. Hello Skadettes!

Last week I came across a bunch of photographs from the past 2 or 3 years from different film cameras. Seeing them brought back so many heartfelt memories and places and friends, that I didn’t want to keep the pictures in a pile in my drawer anymore! There are soooo many ways to display pictures on your wall…I feel like if you are a girl and you’ve gone to college, you have especially found a way to display pictures on your wall. I guess it’s probably “a thing” or something. Anyway, I guess you could call me a ‘collector of things’. I find things. I like them. I keep them. In conclusion, I like things, and I like to display them. So I wanted to make a nice wall of memories and pretty things. And this is what happened!

Photography Challenge

Also, a couple weeks ago, Katie over at Skunkboy Blog posted a disposable camera challenge. The challenge (not competitive, just fun and personal) is to use a disposable camera. Katie posted the rules to the challenge on her post right HERE. I couldn’t agree more with her that using film is so fun, especially when you take your time with it. Usually I forget what I’ve taken a photo of, which makes me all the more eager to see the prints! Plus, it forces the photographer to really think about the subject of the photo, because the luxury of a simple ‘delete’ is not present. Go for the challenge!!

I’ll have to show you how my pictures come out when I get them developed. I hope you say “yes” to something new today. Dream on, my dear Skadettes…



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