23 Skidoo-Adam Vicarel Collaboration Story

Oh, Skadettes… there is much to be said…

Sit down, grab some tea, and let’s chat. Hear ye a tale… of a dream within a dream, all coming true…

Courtney McCrone  School Project

One of my school projects during my first year of fashion school was to design a print for fabric, then design a garment to be made with that printed fabric. The project didn’t entail making the actual garment, just designing it on Illustrator. From the depths of love for Cleveland, out of me came a nautical story print about fleeing to the CLE. The print isn’t that great, it’s mostly stolen illustrations of ships and maps from the internet that I put together on Photoshop. But the idea of the dress has stuck with me ever since.

Adam Vicarel Designing

Last May (2013) when I was in my last quarter of college, planning 23 Skidoo, I messaged my long-time friend and neighbor, Adam Vicarel. Adam is THE most motivated, passionate artist I have ever met, ever. One of my original plans for 23 Skidoo was to collaborate with other artists in each collection. I decided to team with Adam in my first collaboration. Though Adam is an artist of many kinds, graphic design has been his main focus, so I presented the idea to him of designing a fabric together to get printed and create garments.

Over a course of many months we chatted more about the project. Though it was never my intention to bring my school project to life, the idea of my Lake Erie Nautical print came to life in a clash of creativity!

Adam Vicarel-23Skidoo-Elements3 Adam Vicarel-23Skidoo-Elements2

Adam sketched concepts, some of which you can see above. Slowly it came together as a flowing masterpiece…

23 Skidoo-Adam Viarel Collaboration Cleveland Fashionable Print

Here is the story…
Men and women all around the world feel the need to flee to the CLE.



That’s basically it, but do you even need anymore information?? No? That’s what I thought.

The red X is where Cleveland hits on Lake Erie. The numbers are Cleveland’s actual longitute/latitude coordinates. And basically, dreams come true here, so I want to wear Cleveland on my sleeve with pride as an adventurous Skadette! Don’t you??

Superelectric Press-23 Skidoo

23 Skidoo-Adam Vicarel Fabric

Finally, we got the design printed on many yards of fabric by the gentlemen at Superelectric (Ben, David, and Nate). They built a custom silk screen to make this fabric. David used to design maps, which came in handy!

23Skidoo-Adam Vicarel Cleveland Nautical 23 Skidoo Skadette Women Adam Vicarel Nautical Fabric 23 Skidoo Skadet Men Adam Vicarel Fabric

Now, there are not only women’s dresses of the Cleveland Nautical print, but men’s button-ups too.  Throughout the summer season you will see this print pop up in various ways!!

I can’t believe this is happening. I hope you all feel the Cleveland love when you wear the garments, as much as I do!! Pieces will be for sale in person April 12th (ONE WEEK) at the Cleveland Flea, then they will be available online April 15th.

If you want to be inspired/motivated/amazed, follow Adam on Instagram @adamvicarel … You will not regret it. Three months ago Adam quit his job and traveled to Asia, to live by the seat of his pants, until the money runs out. The life of a true Skadet–every minute is an adventure. Come summer, he too will FLEE TO THE CLE!



5 thoughts on “23 Skidoo-Adam Vicarel Collaboration Story

  1. Hi Courtney my name is Ziggy I am David’s Dad I like your material the design and design process itself As I used to work for a water bed linen co. a long time ago we had many deigns I think your material has potential as linens for bedding especially for kids. The other comment I have is that I think that the print would look great printed on a silky material for scarves or retro Chinese type of design dresses or blouses. Keep up the great work

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