23 Skidoo Party Crownz in Kent

23 Skidoo Party Crownz at Kent

Skadettes, you sure are fun! This past Monday I brought the one and only Party Crownz to Kent for the “Infinity Is Still Confusing (or: Help My Brain Hurts)” performance. It was quite a time! It was themed as the ultimate 90’s girl sleepover. As if that doesn’t sound amazing enough, it was all you could possibly dream of in real life. The Party Crownz fit in perfectly! When you get a “slumber party” packed with dancers and metallic crownz with funny sayings, you know it’s gonna be a good time. One woman actually bought the Yolo Party Crownz and is saving it for her 50th birthday party coming up this year. That made my heart quite exuberant!

For the Party Crownz station, I built a tiny 3×3 room made with walls from metallic gold fabric. Skadettes had to go into the teeny little gold room to see the Party Crownz and try them on. It made for a mini magical time! I hope to do fun little events like this more in the future! It was inspiring, personable, and refreshing to be among these young, passionate creatives!

Dream on, my dear Skadettes…Let this weekend fulfill your spring fever…




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