Big June Events!

23 Skidoo Production Plan 23 Skidoo Business Meeting

Good morning Skadettes,

You can not go a minute longer without being aware of what is to come this lovely month! First on the list: our favorite Cleveland Flea! This month’s Flea is Saturday June 14th from 9-4pm. To be a part of it is such an honor and it is a total blast to be there all day meeting Skadet[te]s and shopping alongside such incredible artists and vendors!

Look out! June 25th is going to be a big one! This is RAW Cleveland’s event at the Agora and it is about to be a blast! The 23 Skidoo team  is building from scratch a very fun production set and will be having a fashion instillation with live models showing off 23 Skidoo’s collection. The rough draft of the project is almost finished and I can’t wait to begin building. The RAW event will have tons of visual art, musicians, and fashion. Tickets are $15 and can be bought on 23 Skidoo’s profile right HERE. I hope to see many of you this month at one of these events. There’s so much life to live, kiddies!




2 thoughts on “Big June Events!

  1. Scadette Carol is very interested in Dolly’s Daisy Blouse. It looks darling! Do you have a ready made sample to try on? I’d like to order it before your onslaught of requests come in from your cool upcoming events!!

    1. Ah, hello Skadette Carol!!

      That blouse would be GREAT on you! I currently only have XSmall and Small in that blouse in the studio right now but I am making more this week. I can let you know when I’ve got more sizes so you can come in!

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