2014 Year In Review

Greetings, loved ones! 2014 was a year of true excitement for 23 Skidoo, with lots of growth! Below are some of the highlights. Thank you for sharing in the dreamz of this infant company, that celebrated turning one years old!

23 Skidoo started the year with a bang as a super stellar feature on Making Nice in the Midwest.
>>January 2014

Making Nice in the Midwest 23 Skidoo


Katie from Skunkboy Blog rocked Stella’s Date Dress for Valentines Day.
>>February 2014

Skunkboy Blog 23 Skidoo


When spring rolled around we got an email entitled “Elijah Wood loves 23 Skidoo!” A lovely little Skadette (who interviews, by occupation) wore her Dede’s Record Dress while interviewing Elijah and his crew. At the end of the interview Elijah complimented her dress. Yes. 23 Skidoo’s dress hugged Elijah Wood!!!! Listen to the interview here.
>>March 2014

Elijiah Loves 23 Skidoo


I was chosen to be a Raw Artist and 23 Skidoo was featured on Raw Artist’s site, over many other designer candidates worldwide! Click here and here for a couple short videos highlighting 23 Skidoo’s fashion installation at the show in Cleveland.
>>June 2014
23 Skidoo Raw Cleveland


The Story Is included me in the Cleveland Flea video to showcase the Cleveland Bound fabric I created with Adam Vicarel.
>>July 2014


Over the summer, 23 Skidoo landed its very first wholesale order at Emerging Thoughts featuring an exclusive dress for their online shop!
>>July 2014

23 Skidoo Emerging Thoughts Skunkboy Katie


I had the pleasure of filming and hosting the PBS show It’s Sew Easy, to be aired later this year!
>>August 2014

Many designers are thriving in Cleveland, and 23 Skidoo has joined the party. In August I became a part-time designer for FOUNT here in the city, which has been one of the best experiences I’ve had as an artist, maker, designer, entrepreneur, and business owner. What a privilege and inspiration this new venture has been to the 23 Skidoo creative process, from behind the scenes.
>>August 2014



Skadette Noelle over at Noelle’s Favorite Things featured the Cleveland Bound Dress on her blog and wrote some very kind words about our company.
>>September 2014

Noelle 23 Skidoo


I made the cover of THeREAD Online Magazine.
>>September 2014

23 Skidoo THeREAD Cover


In October I got fantastic news that 23 Skidoo’s Party Crownz won 2014 BEST OF CLEVELAND!!! The Party Crownz were then featured in Cleveland Magazine.
>>October 2014

23 Skidoo Best of Cleveland


23 Skidoo made it to the FINALS of Martha Stewart’s American Made Awards–what an honor!
>>October 2014

Martha Stewart American Made Finalist


Cellar Door interviewed me about being nominated for Martha Stewart American Made. That was one of the best interviews I’ve done–such fun gals with whom to conversate!
>>October 2014



23 Skidoo went to Los Angeles! We were so proud to be a part of The African Millennium Foundation’s event Building Hope. The whole event was for the purpose to start building needed schools in Africa. I love having opportunities so support such influential causes.
>>October 2014

23 Skidoo AMF Building Hope


Skadette Noelle featured 23 Skidoo again, this time wearing Betty’s Red Sailor Blouse. What a doll!
>>October 2014

Noelle's Favorite Things 23 Skidoo


To close the year the way it began, 23 Skidoo went out with a bang at the Cleveland Flea’s Holiday Show. The 23S team built a little tree house installation mock-store. Lots of fun dancing happened in the tree house all weekend.
>>November 2014



All this craziness ended with the most successful month of sales, to date.
>>December 2014

In 2014 we saw much growth on the business end of 23 Skidoo: we shipped to Skadettes in Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Italy, France, and Mexico, not to mention various states all across the USA. There were lots of hopes created for the future, with good vibes all around! So here’s to 2015!!! Thank you for being a vital part of the realization of this dream, Skadettes… You make the dream… You are the dream. I’m so happy we’re in cahoots together. It’s our little secret!
>>Wink, wink!



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