23S Summer Check In

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DSC_2196Yoo hoo! Why is summer going by so fast?!?! **sigh…** Well anyway, I think it is about time for a little 23S Check In!

Say hello to Betsy’s Summer Night Magic Dress above! Isn’t it just magical? I picture fairy dust surrounding this dress at all times. Abby looks so divine in it with her pearly blonde hair! There is currently only ONE of these dresses left and guess what! It’s ON SALE!!!!!!! (–“BEST DAY EVERRR!”, they all exclaimed at once). This is the sample dress which means it was the first dress to be made so there is a small teeny tiny sewing tweak but nevertheless still beautiful and filled with fairy dust! Check out more details HERE.

In other VERY exciting news!…

9773 23 Skidoo has an EXCLUSIVE design on Emerging Thoughts!! Sizes XS-L are being sold. Doesn’t Katie look cute in it? Then again, she always looks cute, so ya know. Red and mint together is something that needs to happen more often. So, go get yourself this dress then wear it everywhere so you can be known as “that women in the dreamy mint dress”. Shop for this dress HERE.

I’ve been busy at the Cleveland Flea every month this summer. It is never ever a bore meeting new Skadettes every month! The next one is in just a couple weeks on August 9th, come on down!!! Just about anyone and everyone goes from kids to punks to grammies to tourists so you should come too! Click HERE for more details on The Cleveland Flea.

Now I am off to more sewing! What are you looking forward to the second half of summer?



Poesy’s Picnic Dress (Coming This Week!)

Poesy's Picnic Dress - Walking in a field 23 Skidoo Poesy's Picnic Dress - Flower Girl - White Pipping 23 Skidoo Poesy's Picnic Dress - Tree Fort 23 Skidoo Poesy's Picnic Dress - Flower Girl Poesy's Picnic Dress - Heart Shaped Pockets Poesy's Picnic Dress - Having a Picnic in a field Poesy's Picnic Dress - Flower Hair - Square neckline 23 Skidoo Poesy's Picnic Dress - Secret Pocket 23 Skidoo Poesy's Picnic Dress - Dancing with Flowers 23 Skidoo Poesy's Picnic Dress - Wild Flowers 23 Skidoo Poesy's Picnic Dress Heart Shaped Pockets

Hello Dearies!

This is 23 Skidoo’s newest item, Poesy’s Picnic Dress! It will be for sale in ONE WEEK on June 14th online and at the Cleveland Flea! This dress is the best because it is an “everything dress”. It is comfortable, can be dressed up or down, has secret pockets, and calls for everyday adventures!

Have a magical weekend, Skadettes.



Cleveland Skadettes, Let’s Rendezvous…

Upcoming Events

SKADETTES! LET’S GET TOGETHER!!!!!! I am SO excited to be with you again for this coming season! 23 Skidoo will be selling merch at The Cleveland Flea each month from April-November, including being at a host of other events! Lately I have felt the love of so many passionate and vibrant Skadettes around the world. Here is some recent correspondence…

Skadette Sarah wrote 23 Skidoo an email entitled “MAGICAL”:

“I came across [this] site through a friend and in all honesty I just clicked the “contact” tab and was like, I can’t NOT say how much I love your stuff. So. I LOVE YOUR STUFF. Please keep making more. Your brand is so on point, your website is perfect, your wares are delicious for the eyes… Ugh. You’ve nailed this genre. I’m thinking of upcoming birthdays of friends for whom I shall purchase said wares… 
I so hope your line is doing well, and I know starting up a business can have disheartening moments, but let this be an encouragement that you’ve got something magical here, and I, for one, am a believer.”

Skadette Linda and her lil pup show so much of their loyalty all the way from Italy in her Skadette Tee!

Linda Skadette Tee

Skadette Lizzie showed Los Angeles what it looks like to live in Anywhere Adventure Wear, looking UH-DORBS in her Heart Day Dress

Lizzie Heart Day Dress

Skadet Chris has  continuously shown his undying support for 23 Skidoo, after he received his Skadet Tee he kindly wrote:

“Thank you for your creative thoughtfulness  and your super kind note 🙂  My tee rocks (along with your classic pins).  It is a great reminder of the mission of 23 Skidoo which I love, because it upholds, with strong integrity and overflowing life, the treasure that is all of God’s daughters, and encourages them to see themselves as He sees them, whether they know Him yet or not.  It’s also an avenue for one of God’s beloved daughters, to share her caring creative genius as a leader in our city, and her special ways of bravely honoring Him with her life daily.  I am personally grateful that you have the joy of being able to do that because it is so fun to see God shine through you and bless you and you walk with Him each day.”

Skadette Stephani not only made her own smooch wallet but she even embroidered “Skadette” on the front to show her pride! I LOVE THAT.

Smooch Wallet Skadette

I also just received another little letter from Skadette Autumn, we’ve been pen-pal-ing since the fall, it makes my heart so warm every time I see her return address in my mailbox.

One of the greatest joys of owning a business is to see how people react to my brand. Receiving emails of genuine love and encouragement just lifts me to the clouds!! Keep sending me pictures and feedback, I love seeing it all!! You Skadettes, bring Mama Skadette much joy. So, thank you. I am truly just so excited to share with you what’s to come this season. Hope to see some local Skadettes in one week at the Mini Makers Faire!!